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Protect your home against a storm

The two biggest risks in a storm are impact damage from flying items carried by strong winds, and water damage from leaks and floodwater running across the property. Remember, the water hitting your property will be driven at a faster than usual speed by high winds and leaks that have not been a problem before can become a serious problem.

Inspect the roof before the storm, to fix leaks, secure any pieces that have come loose, etc.

Trim back trees and plants that could smack into your buidling from around it. Make sure to obtain permission first if the tree is not on your property.

Pack away any loose items outside your property or make sure they are fixed down and cannot go flying.

Check and clear all your gutters, as these can easily overflow with storm water. Loose gutters also need to be secured onto the building.

Speak to your insurance company to find out what preparations they require from you before the storm hits. If the property owner has not maintained the home properly, the insurance company might not pay out for all damages.

Of course, buying a property that is already in good condition will help a lot with avoiding storm troubles.

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