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How to sell your property fast!

You’re about to make it big time! Selling a property in South Africa will score you a seriously nice amount of income, but first you have to find a buyer. ZAkasi is the #No.1 Township Property Portal, so we are the best place for you to list your property and find a cash buyer fast.

Before you put your property on the market, there are some factors you should consider. Working with a good agent, such as ZAkasi, will take the workload off your shoulders, and help reduce the risks of making a mistake. The first thing that needs to be done is determining the appropriate price. You want to get the most money you can, but you don’t want buyers to choose another property over yours, so it is important to investigate the market thoroughly and price the property well. Next, the property needs to look good – buyers don’t want to have to fix everything before they can move in, and will pay more for a properly maintained property.

Once you’ve attended to all the necessary maintenance issues, the next step is to “stage” the home. This means playing a bit of theatre – whenever a buyer comes for a viewing, tidy up the home as much as you can in order to show off the available space in the best possible way. For a home, try to create a happy feeling as the buyer walks through the door so that they can imagine living there as a positive step in their life. It is important to also stage the property as beautifully as possible when taking photos in order to advertise.

Once you’re ready to show off your home in the best possible way, it is time to advertise it. Your agent will help you get the word out, and of course they will list it on ZAkasi because this is the best place to advertise township property.

Speak to us today about getting your home on the market!



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